Intel’s new 1000x faster Blockchain Accelerator chip

Intel has announced that they are entering blockchain development with its new dedicated chip named “Blockchain Accelerator”. In a blog post from Intel, Raja M. Koduri (Senior Vice President
General Manager, Accelerated Computing Systems and Graphics Group)
have mentioned that “We are looking forward to the next set of amazing things”.

In that blog, he mentioned about Intel is declaring its intent to contribute to the development of blockchain technologies, with an energy-efficient “Blockchain Accelerator”.

The chip will ship later this year and the first customers are Argo Blockchain, BLOCK (formerly known as Square), and GRIID Infrastructure. These are the companies that are working in a massive area of Blockchain development and the Mining process.

What is Blockchain?

Blockchain is a technology that contains a large number of computers in a network to store information and a large amount of transaction data.

Advantages in Intel’s chip:

They are announced that:

  • It is 1000x faster than the existing technologies.
  • It as an Energy Efficient accelerator.

This news gives happiness to many crypto miners all over the world. Because mining is an energy-consuming process and speed is high. If this chip gives the solution for speed and energy, Intel may reach the top position in the Blockchain Sector.

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