Clubhouse Adds Spatial Audio Support for IOS and Soon For Android

clubhouse spital audio

Clubhouse has added a new spatial audio feature for iOS that lets you hear the people around you in a room in 3D. As said by clubhouse it makes the experience a bit more lifelike and human, and adds that it is also easier for your brain to track who is talking with subtle spatial cues.

To get the ideal spatial audio effect, you’ll need headphones (either wired or Bluetooth), although it will work with some other Bluetooth devices, says the company. Due to a limitation in the Bluetooth protocol, speakers will not hear the spatial audio effect when wearing Bluetooth headphones (although wired headphones work fine). Clubhouse said that it is working with mobile OS providers to address this limitation.

If you are speaking in a room, others will still hear you with spatial audio even if you aren’t using headphones. You can turn spatial audio off anytime in your settings.

Clubhouse shared demo video in their Twitter feed

Spatial audio is currently available on iOS, and will be available for Android users soon.

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