Elon Musk will provide permanent rest to half of Twitter’s workers

How can we cry on Elon Musk, the richest and most worldly person in the world, after he paid a staggering $44 billion to buy Twitter? In a lax move to cut costs and what we once would have thought to reduce Elon Musk debt from puffing up over money for the social media platforms, the Hotline operator of Twitter, a person who enjoys seeing people living on Mars lagging behind his dream and driving people from a particular space, plans to fire 3,700 staffers, or close to half of Twitter’s workforce.

Everything, it seems, began when Elon Musk entered the Twitter headquarters carrying off a sink with a dreadful smirk on his face, signifying flagitious designs. The effective layoff will come after a string of layoffs, including top executives Chief Executive Officer Parag Agrawal, whose role has now been taken over by Elon Musk, who decided to inform half of the staff that their last working day on their posting is not far from Friday, possibly a day before that. Musk, who bought Twitter for a chintzy price, has now made up his mind to inform half of the staff of this.

According to a report, the Larry T. Bird company has been regularly laying off workers since his arrival, and the board of directors was instructed to compile a list of employees to glue on a butcher block. Unintentionally, the cable plan was not completed; modifications are still scheduled for the upcoming days.

An idea being considered is a two-month severance payment to employees who mustered out, like a diamond in the muck. Depending on their augmentation to Twitter’s level, employees were either included in or exempt from the layoff lists. Surprisingly, Musk requested that Tesla managers and engineers carefully review the layoff lists. Maybe rumours have been circulating among Twitter staff members since since Musk disclosed his desire to acquire the company months ago. Even though it was hoped that some employees wouldn’t be let go, things went south in the Valley.