Who Is Asa Mitaka in Chainsaw Man? All You Need to Know

Asa Mitaka is proudly leading the way as one of the most intriguing yet enigmatic villains in the new era of Chainsaw Man. She is one of the most powerful people we have encountered in the series, and based on how she now appears, she is prepared to upend the entire planet. It is now time for you to discover Asa Mitaka’s identity, her actual abilities, and the motivation behind her pursuit of the Chainsaw Man. Let’s get started because there is a lot to reveal here!

Asa Mitaka in Chainsaw Man

The battle devil, often referred to as Yoru, has a fiend form, which is known as Asa Mitaka. She is regarded as the primary antagonist of the Chainsaw Man manga’s second arc. She is a meek, harassed high school student in real life. She hates all devils because one of them killed her parents, and she tends to keep to herself most of the time.

A fiend in Chainsaw Man is a dead person who has been taken over by the devil. The human body is completely under the devil’s control, and there is no such thing as a human consciousness. Learn more about the distinctions between humans, devils, and fiends by using our specialised guide.

Asa doesn’t appear to be adhering to all of the fundamental requirements of becoming a fiend, based on appearances. As a human, Asa has a straightforward appearance and a face that is typical of a teenage boy. However, scars start to show on her face when the war devil takes control of her body. As all fiends are expected to have observable demonic traits somewhere on their bodies, this is comparable to Power’s red horns. Asa’s ability to conceal these qualities and transform into a typical person is still a mystery.

She is also not supposed to be a devil with human consciousness. However, it appears that her human consciousness is protected by the devil pact. The manga’s Chapter 99 reveals that the war devil preserved Mitaka’s left half of the brain so that the body would continue to operate and take on a human shape. According to the contract, Asa should be able to survive, and it appears that this is the case.

Additionally, Asa has a very unusual ability that allows her to view the war demon fiend’s bodily appearance. The main body is constantly under their control, while the outside world only sees the main body. It appears that the war devil is preserving Asa’s life by preventing a total takeover of her mind. The forthcoming manga chapters are likely to provide further information on the subject. However, since Asa’s body was taken over by the war devil after her head was nearly severed in half, Asa Mitaka is seen as a demon in Chainsaw Man. At least right now.

Asa Mitaka (Yoru) Abilities: War Devil Fiend

We haven’t yet seen the full extent of the war fiend’s abilities because the manga is still in progress and she is a special kind of fiend. But based on what we do know thus far, Asa Mitaka (also known as the war devil) has the following abilities:

  • Improved Movement: When compared to all humans and several devils, Asa can move at a faster pace and make precise combat movements with little to no effort. We witness this in manga Chapter 108, where she had to fight the Justice devil (who’s in contract with Yuko). Another example of her special movements is seen during her initial encounter with the Justice devil, when the devil was in contract with the class president.
  • Rapid Regeneration: When the war devil first took over Asa’s body, it was able to heal her completely within a few seconds. From being on the brink of death to being ready to dodge attacks from the Justice devil, the war devil was able to heal Mitaka in the blink of an eye.
  • Massive Strength: Being true to its name, the war devil’s strength is no joke. In Chapter 98, Asa pulls out a person’s head and spinal cord without much effort.
  • Weapon Creation: The most important power in the war fiend’s skillset is her ability to turn everyday objects into weapons. She can manipulate body parts of living creatures as well as inanimate objects into unique weapons. But this only works if Asa believes that the manipulated item belongs to her. Further, the forged weapon’s strength increases significantly if Asa has sentimental value attached to it. In Chapter 108, when Mitaka transformed her school uniform, a gift from her deceased mother, into a sword, and the weapon was extremely powerful.

Chainsaw Man Frequently Asked Questions

Is Asa Mitaka the new protagonist?

For now, the second part of Chainsaw Man is mainly focusing on the perspective of Asa Mitaka. But taking the manga’s main storyline into focus, it’s clear that Denji is still the main protagonist.

Is Asa Mitaka Dead?

Even after coming face to face with death, Asa survives by merging herself with the war devil.

Why Does War Devil Hate Chainsaw Man?

We discover in Chapter 104 that the war devil’s body was partially consumed by the Chainsaw devil, greatly weakening it. The devil asserts that the dread of an actual battle is beginning to exist because the idea of conflict is now only depicted in movies.

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